Wow, TIDI Web Design did not realize about it until one of our clients wants his website done using HTML5 concepts. Though we feel ourselves to be the master of HTML, CSS and all, we got to start doing projects using new available features and this time it is HTML5 for sure.  So, we have been spending our precious time learning about it.

HTML 5 is now supported by most of the browsers. You tube is the best example, we must say. HTML5 came out with most interesting features ever and all popular browsers are now trying their best to add new HTML5 features in their upcoming versions.

We have always looked for new ideas and try to implement that in our web projects. HTML5 is no doubt to be a next step.  Some of the HTML5 features are far more interesting and believed to be saving a lot of time. It has got new specific elements like header, footer, nav, article and more. It also reduces the need of flash plugin; supporting video and audio playback. Another interesting feature is a canvas element for drawing, form controls like calendar, date, time etc.

There are so many topics regarding HTML5 to be discussed. Let’s start discussing about it.. always :)